kagami sumika

Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites Animeography. What Takeru did for the Unit was a selfish act from him. She became someone else, and locked her real self away as she became a mere lump of gray matter to be kept alive and observed by the BETA. What Sumika did was because she was scared. When Deep Blue, the successor of Deep Thought chess-computer, beat the chess master Garry Kasparov in , it was deemed a pinnacle of AI, but relatively soon after Deep Blue was considered only a sophisticated piece of hardware dedicated on one task only. Her love towards Takeru is also her weakness, and she is somewhat dependant on Takeru just as Takeru is dependant on Sumika.

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TSF super intelligence would not need to be general AI. They have AI that has agency. He grows and adapts, changes and takes responsibility kagani only for his own actions, but for what he chooses not to do. While it seems alien and first, the fact that the whole functions similar to archaic computers. To spoil some of the latter discussion, how Sumiika is treated in the setting is rather generic and follows SF conventions very closely to the point of not really adding anything new to it.

It is highly possible that the Heavy Brain Class is able to do this, as it was able to comprehend human speech and mind at staggering speed. This sort of dynamic learning would easily lead into autopilot TSFs easily matching, and then overcoming both their human and BETA opponents.

During the Yokohama base attack, Sumika realizes that during her ODL purification cycles with the Yokohama reactor, she has been unknowingly transmitting to the BETA details about sensitive information concerning humanity’s war effort. She takes in Kasumi when she transfers to their school, and they are together at all times. The level the brain must be replicated in order to kgami it properly function is not known, though in principle it should be enough to replicate the general function of the synapses rather than emulate the brain below cellular level.


The reason was to study humans, and how BETA studied humans was less than comfortable. Because Professor Yuuko was never able to complete her theory in Unlimited’s universes, Sumika’s role within Alternative IV is never realized.

Once Haruka fails to shut down the reactor, Sumika projects an image to Mitsuki that reveals the reactor’s weakest points in order to thoroughly destroy it with S11 charges. In the end, what she did was not directly her own direct choice, Sumika did try to carry the weight of her deed, and she did it with the help from Takeru. However, the reactor is also extremely important for research against the BETA and Sumika’s well kagaki, so Yuuko attempts to get it shut down instead.

Takeru and Sumika were there among others. She wakes him up at mornings, and since her room’s window is only a few meters away from Takeru’s, they including Kasumi can talk before going to sleep too.

Birth is apparently impossible, but with medical technology being this far, artificial wombs would be in the range of possibility. Some of the populace was taken captured and taken to the BETA hive rather kkagami outright killed.

Effectively, the person needs to die in order to be teleported. In MLA Total Eclipsethere exists a device that has a shape like a rounded coffinwhich houses a live esper. Spoiler warning for Muv-Luv Alternative One thing that seems to divide the Muv-Luv fanbase to a large extent is the core reason why Takeru falls into the Alternative world and why he keeps looping through the Unlimited timeline until he begins to remember.

However, the fiction seems kzgami indicate that this is not possible, either due to lack of technology like having multiple hardware builds to house further 00 Units, or that the scanning and pattern upload procedures are simultaneous, effectively hard coding the pattern to the hardware.


It is not fantastical, unrequited or fairy tail pure. Rushing in to hold her, she denies my existence and becomes completely panicked.

Kagami Sumika

No longer she allows her status as the 00 Unit define her completely. I trust that most of my readers have enough life experience to say that love is not a clear aumika emotion. In-fiction, the 00 Unit was capable enough to fool sensory readings of large amount of TSFs all the while controlling the Moorcock-Lechte Drive and its Rutherford Field.

Considering the momentary existence of the 00 Unit, Japan was the only nation xumika the world with super intelligence, meaning their edge over other nation in terms of sheer computational power was unmatched. It might be that in the end there were not enough resources to create another artificial brain at that point in time. Calling BETA biological machines would not be all that incorrect, considering the Superordinate requests Shirogane Takeru to reactivate then torso-shredded Tamase Miki.


kagami sumika – Aaltomies

Until the world turns upside down and all hope is lost but one shining glimpse. She had become the one I loved the most of them, and now there she was.

Takeru realized that he had to move on and live on what he had in his hands now, much like Takayuki did in the end of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien. There has been a few AI winters, where the interest had become extremely low due to lack of progress. I am positive that if Takeru was asked if he would go through Hell time and time again in order to Save in the Name of True Love, he would agree with a nervous Yes.