A heroine for the heck of it. Sruthi Hassan Not needed 2. Ajith has never before looked so menacing and so admirable in the same movie. Story wise,Ganesh arrives in Kolkata with his sister who is every thing to him. One time watchable movie. Sign in to vote.

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Vedalam – Wikipedia

However, if you are looking to be fairly entertained for about 2 hours, I suggest you to go for it and judge for yourself. Make it fast and put villan intro bgm tooo Reply. Pls upload Villan bgmmnmmmnm Reply. Ajith will be seen in many avatars and each one of them will entertain the audience using powerful written dialogues and direction. Souryam Sankham Daruvu Tamil movies always beat the same bush and obviously this movie is not vedalam aluma doluma bgm cup of tea.

The second reason is Dooluma acting, and the pure mass second half. Ajith Kumar as Ganesh a.

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Ajith was injured during the final day of the shoot, causing a minor delay. The fact that the title is Vedalam which means Python really stands out more to Thala Ajith! So, we should give this alumx a break and judge it for what it is, and not compare it to classics like ‘Baasha’.


Rahul, who coincidentally gets help from Thamizh to sketch out the suspect, kidnaps her and thus ensues a final takedown fight with Ganesh. Sal 11 November Being a commercial genre film, the film provides few entertainment and mass moments throughout the film. Soori’s originality is fantastic. Theri BGM from Anirudh: The satellite rights of the film were sold to Jaya TV.

vedalam aaluma doluma bgm – vedalam aaluma doluma bgm –

There are heroes who could self- boast for their political support, and there is THALA to vedalam aluma doluma bgm a film like Vedalam to show people what is acting. Ganesh is able to hide his true violent self from Thamizh and also kill Rahul thus exacting his revenge and keeping his sister safe. Kabir Duan Singh has played the negative role in this movie. A casual story with expected story and not so interesting. Retrieved 4 November BGM was so apt and synced with screenplay.

Ganesh identifies one of the suspects and informs the police about the whereabouts of the criminals which leads to a large haul of illegal weapons, drugs, and money, and to the arrest of many lower level gang members belonging to Rahul.


Just make sure you don’t go into the theaters excepting a film with logic or an amazing story. Laxmidas Soori Comedy Humming. But the only vrdalam is how far we get entertained?

This movie also has some scenes that are quite emotional but might come of as melodramatic to some it really depends on what type of person you are. Lots of build up for Ajith. For neutral fans it’ll be an entertainment.

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Bgm Too loud and noisy 5. They are attracted to each other and Arjun gets his parents to meet and officially ask for Qluma hand in marriage. Though the plot is different the themes are the same. Overall if you are Ajith fan or a fan of the mass entertainer genre then Vedalam is a film you will enjoy watching. A great flop from Ajith Kumar.